Important note: OS 7 device users should grab the OS 7 beta build – the older builds do not work properly on your devices.  See “downloads” page for details.

BBSSH is an advanced  SSH and Telnet client that has been designed for your BlackBerry device.   It integrates tightly with your BlackBerry system, providing a powerful and customizable tool for securely accessing the servers you need, when you need them.

BBSSH is the only open source SSH client designed specifically for BlackBerry.  It is developed based on the needs of real-world users.  Below are some of BBSSH’s key features — see the about page for a more comprehensive list.

  • Secure – uses BlackBerry’s native encryption for the best performance, battery life, and proven BlackBerry security.
  • Integrated – BBSSH takes full advantage of the available BlackBerry integration features
    • Uses BlackBerry notification profiles (including vibration, LED, and ringtones) and home screen notification icons to inform you of critical events.
    • If you have OS6 or later, BBSSH will make use of the latest features such as home screen shortcuts–  allowing you to connect to or resume sessions directly from your home screen.
    • Full touchscreen support including correctly changing remote terminal size when you re-orient (and the ability to prevent terminal reorientation).
    • up to 220 custom shortcuts available based on your phone model — allowing you to perform actions ranging to sending a special keystroke to running a complex multi-step macro with just just one or two keypresses or gestures.
  • Flexible – support  for the “linux” pseudo-terminal, as well as ansi, vt100, vt220, and vt320 emulation over Telnet and SSH; an extended onscreen keypad allows you to send special keys while basic keys like CTRL and ALT are available from your keyboard/touchscreen without using buttons or menus.
  • Powerful – a macro editor gives you the tools to make complex tasks simple; and simple tasks are just a keypress away by default.
  • Multitasking – run multiple sessions concurrently and in the background; switch between active sessions with a single button (or one swipe on touch screens).
  • Efficient – depending on network availability, a moderate usage SSH session can run all day without significantly affecting your battery life.
  • Flexible – fully configurable – up to and including changing font face and size on the fly.
  • Affordable – while we appreciate donations and purchases through AppWorld (coming soon), BBSSH is available free of charge through this web site.

BBSSH is also under ongoing and active development.  New features such as UTF-8 support,  line-drawing mode and SCP are underway for release in 2012.